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London Design and SEO jobs – Short to Long term wanted!

We are looking for any young graduates who are looking to expand their design portfolio, and anyone interested in providing copy-write and SEO support to the UK’s biggest property firms in a fun and flexible environment!

To be clear, we are looking for more then one person!! Not super-grad. Although if you are super-grad… lovely.

We will provide all the training and knowledge necessary to carry out your SEO role, all you need to bring is strong writing skills, the ability to take on new tasks quickly and be fun! (You will more then likely be attending some lunches and events with clients, so you need to be comfortable with chatting to some senior business folk, and pace yourself at free bars!) The hours are flexible to you, and you will get plenty of marketing and digital content experience in a B2B environment, with lots of client interaction and office world skills. Your role, when in the office, will consist mostly of creative content creation, whether that be on blogs, news feeds or social media on behalf of our clients. There will also be some admin tasks we will need your help with and plenty of ad-hoc research and brainstorming as new work comes in.

And of course, if you do have a couple design talents hidden up your sleeves, we would love you to get involved with that side of the business to.

So if you want to find out some more details, get in touch on our say hello page, or directly on the about us.

It also goes without saying, we will offer our most generous recommendations afterwards, as long as you’re not, you know… rubbish. You’re not going to be left out of pocket either, expenses will be covered as well as your wage, so if you want to learn more, get in touch on our hello page, or directly on the about us.