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Brand Development

The brand is everything yet nothing until it is established. Remember the difference between a name, a logo, and a brand. The name and logo are given to a product or service. The brand is built by the consistent use of the elements conveying the brand values

Creative Concepts

At RDM we prize ourselves on not simply manufacturing brochures. We take pride in coming up with a concept, creating an outstanding brochure and listening to client feedback. It is only when we feel that we have achieved the optimum in both idea and design that we go to print. It is this formulae that has established RDM as a company that works at the highest standard. Achieving the best results for you.

Fitter Websites

All our websites are optimized to be viewed on web browsers, smart phones & tablets. We can use audio-visual to deliver your corporate or product’s USPs and promote these through emailers and our social media pages. Social media marketing is a great way to reach people quickly, and we can use our pages on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook to do this for you.

Digital Media Relations

Developing a creative message that can be broadcast through a range of media is key for the success of any campaign. By working with you to figure out this core message we can plan and implement the most appropriate methods to ensure we engage with your target market in the right way, at the right time.

Random Stuff

Video is an effective way of clearly communicating ideas and concepts. RDM proudly offer high quality video production, which we believe symbolizes 21st Century marketing. Not only are videos visually stimulating but they are also an efficient way of enhancing your website. Why have your audience read when you can talk to them?